How we are doing it: 

We create in small batches allowing us to handle every aspect of design and production locally. By beginning with a limited run of one design, John has been able to navigate all of the traditional fashion industry design and sourcing pitfalls without having to sacrifice quality, sustainability or responsibility. This ethical foundation is non-negotiable for the John Taylor brand and will expand as our collection grows.

Flax Linen Field


When sourcing only fabrics of the highest quality of sustainable lineage are considered. I chose to start with Linen because it is the most sustainable fabric on the planet.
Flax Linen Fabric


Linen comes from the flax plant and is one of the longest-used fabrics in history. The entire process of growing flax and creating linen is one of the most sustainable processes in fabric creation. Flax plants require less water and rarely use herbicides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals in production. Little waste occurs in linen production as every part of the flax plant has use. Ours is Organic, Non GMO, Zero Irrigation, and Zero Waste!
Linen is breathable, fast drying and insulating allowing it to be practical throughout the year and gets more comfortable and soft with each wash and wear.
who made my clothes john taylor


Our production team is carefully selected based on quality, working conditions, supporting small local business and fair wages. Close proximity to our production team significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Regular in person visits with the production team ensures transparency in work conditions and quality of life. Remaining fabric scraps from production are always saved for repurpose.
Flax Linen Kimono
Last Lifetimes:
I designed this to truly last lifetimes. French seams were carefully selected to reinforce longevity and each jacket goes through an in depth inspection process to ensure consistent quality. It will only improve over time.